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The Campbell Fishmongers Vs Gleneagles Chefs Trophy

The Campbell Fishmongers Vs Gleneagles Chefs Trophy

The Trophy was first played for as a golf competition between 4 of our fishmongers and 4 chefs on the Kings Course at Gleneagles in 1993 and was won by George Campbell & Sons !

It started when Alan Hill was the executive chef, he was a keen golfer, as at the time was Iain Campbell. We also had quite keen golfers amongst our ranks.

It was a great way to build upon our relationship between the hotel and supplier, but specifically for the chefs to build relationships directly with the fishmongers.

It was keenly contested for over many years, only interrupted by severe weather one year, when we shot clay pigeons as an alternative ! We always finished the day in convivial manner with food and beverage !

The competition had quite a break over recent years, the keen golfers seemed to be fewer, Iain Campbell stopped playing golf in favour of fly fishing and sadly busy working lives seemed to take over. The last winners were the fishmongers and the trophy has since been sitting in the shop.

However early this year (2023) Iain and Rachael Campbell had a conversation with Emma Simpson of Gleneagles (People and Culture Director) at a charity dinner and along with Simon Attridge (Executive Chef) decided that we must resurrect the Trophy.

We thought that a more varied day would have a broader appeal and this proved correct.

So on Monday 25th September 2023, teams of 10 aside, competed in clay-pigeon shooting, golf pitch and putt , followed by dominoes. Gleneagles took an early lead at the shooting, while the fishmongers clawed back to a two point deficit after the golf.

The dominoes was a draw and so the trophy went to Gleneagles Chefs !

We finished the day in the Dormy for drinks and pizza, Emma Simpson presented the trophy to Susannah Springall of Gleneagles, a great day was had by all in wonderful sunshine and we all agreed to make this an annual event once more.