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The Fishmonger for Chefs and Caterers

The Fishmonger for Chefs and Caterers

Working closely with many of the leading chefs and restaurants throughout Scotland, our aim is simple: to become the catering industry's dedicated fishmonger of choice.

With a wealth of knowledge and enviable access to the market, we offer so much more than just fish!

From a promise to deliver sound provenance - we can tell you the market your fish was landed at and the boat that brought it in - to assisting chefs in the seasonality of their menus, we like to form long-lasting partnerships that benefit and bring value to our customers' businesses.

Account Handling: We provide a dedicated point of contact who will manage your account.  From the initial stages of discussing and tailoring prices and products to ensuring a delivery time that suits you we will strive to ensure a good working relationship is nurtured and maintained.

Order Preparation: Our skilled team of fishmongers provides a bespoke preparation service and you can rely on our many years in the retail trade to ensure accurate portion control!

Ongoing Communication: From giving early advice on availability to keeping you informed when supplies become threatened we will keep the lines of communication open, allowing you to make great choices and stay one step ahead of the culinary scene. 

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Wholesale  Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday

Shop Hours

Tuesday - Friday 8am - 3pm

Saturday 8am -1pm

For any further enquiries please contact:

01738 638454


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