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Sustainability Packaging 2023

Sustainability Packaging 2023

George Campbell and Sons has been supplying fish for 151 years, it has always been our responsibility and our interest to support sustainable fisheries management – it is the only way to safeguard the future of fish stocks for future generations.

We aim to source all wild-capture and farmed fish from sustainably and responsibly managed sources. We actively encourage our suppliers to strive for improvement in the application of best practice and the implementation of new technologies to progressively minimise any environmental impacts of commercial fishing and fish farming.

Realising the responsibility we all have to protect the environment for future generations we have been looking closely at our own Ecological footprint and have been making changes in the way we do things as part of our long term goal to become a more Eco Friendly Business.

Small changes, such as swapping to biodegradable bags in our retail shop, using cardboard rather than plastic packaging and we are no longer Vac Packing Fish, this has been a great start.

In 2022 we introduced our first Electric Car to our fleet, Our Sales Director Yvonne has given it a huge thumbs up! We look forward to bringing more Electrical Vehicles to our Factory soon.

A huge change for us has been our recent partnership with the Volker Gruppe who will help us to dispose of our Polystyrene boxes in a sustainable way. They will collect and then process our EPS into compact briquettes that will be recycled for future use in building projects.