Coley - Pollachius Virens

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 Latin name: Pollachius Virens

Part of the cod family Coley is also known as saithe or coalfish due to its dark colour. Coley has a long tapered body, with dark blue/green to black back and silver belly. The fish range in size from 500g to 6kg .

Traditionally this fish is an under-utilised whitefish compared to cod and haddock and for that reason, it’s a good value option. The reason for this is that the flesh is a darker colour than cod when raw but lightens during cooking and has a great flavour.

Coley is a fast-growing fish and is not generally overfished which also makes it a sustainable choice. It achieves a green rating on the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide

In conclusion, Coley is affordable, healthy, and sustainable. It is less expensive than cod yet it still has a great flavour. It is a good source of low-fat protein and other nutrients, such as vitamin B12 and selenium. Also, with cod fishing quotas being reduced to protect stock levels, Coley is your sustainable substitute, making it the environmentally-friendly choice.

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