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Selecting frozen seafood

Selecting frozen seafood

Seafood - Is Frozen The New Fresh?

In times of increased cost of living, we are all looking for the most effective or budget friendly way to do our weekly food shop but that doesnt mean you have to compromise on quality, especially when it comes to seafood and fish.

At George Campbell and sons we are proud to offer excellent frozen produce available in the retail shop, situated in the heart of Perth, as well as commercially around central Scotland for professional Chefs and cuisine enthusiasts. A selection of Cooked King Prawn Tails are available to buy with tails on or off make for the perfect prawn cocktail starter or appetister. If you are looking for mid week dinner ideas that are easy to cook in the oven, we offer frozen Plaice goujons, breaded scampi and Salmon Fish Cakes.
Our frozen Langoustines, Cooked Crab Claws and Squid offer a luxury shellfish restaurant experience and our Calamari Rings and Mussels are some of our most loved frozen items for family sharing.

Daily Specials - No plan is the best plan

Not sure what to include in your menu for hosting a family dinner or entertaining guests? Ask our experienced fishmongers for our daily specials and be inspired in the kitchen with our wide range of seafood that will start your evening with flavours that pop. 

Fishmongers Tips - To Thaw or not to Thaw?

Our fishmongers are always happy to advise on the available products in the George Campbell and Sons retail shop. From suggested complimenting side dishes to cooking tips and pairing sauces or dressings. Not to mention, they will even offer you valauble tips on the most commonly asked question when it comes to frozen seafood - Should you thaw your seafood before cooking? Find out all the prep stages you need to create your delicious seafood dish.