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Poached Fillet of Halibut in a Court Bouillon with Hollandaise Sauce

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Serves: 4



4 x 180g Halibut fillet portions

Court bouillon poaching liquor

1 Litre water

200ml White wine

1 Slice of lemon

150g Sliced leek, carrot, celery &

Shallot in equal quantities

1 Sprig thyme, rosemary

1 Bay leaf

6 Black peppercorns

200ml Hollandaise sauce

2 Lemons cut in half & parsley

Maldon sea salt & freshly milled

Black pepper to taste



Place the water, white wine, herbs lemon slices, seasonings and vegetables in a pan and bring to the boil, turn down the heat and simmer.  Make the Hollandaise and reserve warm (you can purchase ready – made if you wish).                       

Season the 4 portions of halibut and place in the poaching pan and simmer for 8-10 mins, remove and keep hot.


To Serve

Warm 4 main course plates or bowls, place the halibut portions in the centre, take a little of the poaching vegetables to garnish the fish and 30ml of the cooking liquor to spoon over each portion, garnish with lemon and serve with Hollandaise sauce.


Chefs Note

Serve with pink fir potatoes and fresh asparagus.