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Grilled Mackerel Fillets With Watercress, Smoked Bacon & Herb Crème Fraiche

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Serves: 4



4 x 120g mackerel Fillets

60ml Rapeseed oil

Maldon sea salt & black pepper

100g Fresh watercress

40g Chopped red onion

100g piece smoked bacon cut into lardons (strips)

Herb Crème fraiche

130ml Crème fraiche

10g fresh dill, parsley & chives chopped

Zest and juice of 1 lime



Heat the grill to a high temperature, score the skin side of the fillets, brush the mackerel fillets with 20ml oil, season and place on a tray. In a non stick frying pan, heat 10ml of rapeseed oil, saute the bacon lardons (strips) until golden brown. Mix the crème fraiche with the herbs, lime zest and juice and season. Keep aside. Place the mackerel under the grill and cook for 5-7 mins, keep hot


To Serve

Toss the watercress leaves, onion, bacon lardons with the remainder of the rapeseed and season, place in the centre of the plates. Top with the mackerel fillet. Garnish with a good portion of herb crème fraiche


Chefs Notes

Serve with saute potatoes lightly spiced with red chilli