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Is Oily Fish A Super Food?

In a world full of fake news and self-appointed online experts, it's little wonder that we're often left pondering what is and isn't right when it comes to our diets? From superfoods to food scares, it seems that everyone has an opinion on the best way to achieve good health and a ripe old age!

Fish has always been top of the class when it comes to health but recently the 'oily options' have crept into that illustrious bracket of 'superfood'.  A tremendous source of vitamin D, protein, some B vitamins and selenium it is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Think salmon, mackerel and sardines and you're on the path to fighting cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, age-related vision loss and dementia.  Look no further than the Eskimos, who researchers have observed have fewer than average heart attacks and strokes and whose diet consists of - you got it! - mainly oily fish!

Cardiovascular disease
Studies have found eating oily fish can lower blood pressure and reduce fat build-up in the arteries. The evidence is strong enough to warrant a government recommendation that we eat at least two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily.

Brain Food
All our grannies told us that if we ate up our fish we'd become brainy people and this could be related to the high content of omega-3.  New research now claims it can also improve reaction times, as well as reducing levels of tiredness in the brain after performing tough tasks. British researchers say the findings could be particularly important for older people, with a diet rich in omega-3 having the potential to stave off dementia.

The dietitian's verdict on oily fish

Alison Hornby, a dietitian and BDA spokesperson, says if there's one food that's good for your heart, it's oily fish.

She says: "The benefits of eating at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish, include keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level and improving blood lipids, both of which reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease: the biggest killer in the UK.

"Remember that you can get your omega-3 from a range of oily fish. Tinned sardines and mackerel, for example, are an easy and cheap way to stock up the store cupboard. Eaten on toast with a side salad, this makes a quick, easy and nutritious meal."

Last Updated (May 19 2017)

Provenance Is King!

Provenance. Perhaps one of the most overused of all foodie buzzwords to have appeared in the past few years. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means:

*The place of origin or earliest known history of something.
*The beginning of something's existence; something's origin.
*A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.

kippers_catbigWhen you apply this to food therefore, you’re giving it a stamp of assurance and quality; guaranteeing its origins and geographical birth.  For those of us who care about where we source our meat and fish, the seasonality of our veggies and the ethos of our suppliers, this is an important piece of information.   It lets us know we’re doing our bit for planet and producer and ensures we’re making ethical choices while enjoying food at its very best.

But how do you know that the promise you’ve been provided is pure? Following recent traceability scandals such as horsemeat in burgers and the widespread debasement of cheap chicken breast with pig and beef proteins we have all become a little more consumer-savvy when it comes to checking the credibility of any food source.

Here at George Campbell & Sons we've been working with Scotland's fishing industry for over 140 years and ever since our first retail shop opened in 1872 our ambition was to create a reputation for providing the finest fresh fish, shell fish and smoked fish in Scotland.  Of course, back then there was little or no need to check on ‘provenance’ but four generations of Campbells later and an entirely new global marketplace at our fingertips and things are very different. We know that in order to guarantee the passion for provenance that remains at our heart, we have to provide a fail-proof system of checks and balances.

IMG_7820Tommy FishmongerLuckily, in this new age of whole-selling fish and seafood, we are blessed with technological opportunities young George Campbell would never have dreamed possible!  At the click of a button we are now in a position to trace the origins of every single fish for sale on our George Campbell counter.

Here’s how it works:

Karen and Dawn in our Whitefriars office are the official GC Boatspotters and they take their roles very seriously. In fact, there are even posters of the boats up on the walls; a bit like you’d see in a teenage fangirl bedroom only with fewer young heartthrob singers and more old fishermen in oils and wellies!

Peterhead, Scrabster and Shetland are all on their radar and each morning they’ll check in to see exactly how many fish have been landed, what species there are on offer for our customers and from which boat they’ve arrived.

When you consider that a typical day at Peterhead alone can land as many as 6000 boxes you’ll begin to realise just how incredibly fortunate we are; having direct access to the amazing variety, quality and freshness of Scottish fish is what underwrites our promise of provenance to you, our customers.

[caption id="attachment_552" align="alignright" width="300"]Reliance Fishing Boat, one of the fleet supplying fish for George Campbell & Son , seafood wholesalers in Perthshire. Reliance Fishing Boat[/caption]

As a responsible retailer, this detailed information also encourages us to think outside the salmon/haddock/cod box by keeping abreast of the gloriously tasty, highly under-utilised native species that come in each day.   Think monkfish or coley, served up with stir-fried veggies or popped into a stew for a fabulous mid-week supper that won’t break the bank or upset the carefully balanced quotas of our native waters.   If you’ve any questions on how to cook the more unusual varieties then please do ask one of our guys – we’d all be delighted to help.

The same goes for checking our sources; if you want to know the name of the boat your fish landed on, the area of Scottish water they were in or the market it came through then please do just drop us an email.   Provenance always has, and always will be, our favourite buzzword of the day.

Visit our fishmongers and deli counter five days a week at our premises in Whitefriars, Perth. Free parking available.

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 7.30-4.45
Wedndesday : 7.30-4.45
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Last Updated (Feb 20 2017)

Catch of the Day - George Campbell & Sons nets new MD

George Campbell & Sons, Seafood Specialist, is delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Percy-Robb as Managing Director, effective from 28th November 2016.
Stephen joins us from the well-known Scottish firm of Craig & Rose, established in 1829, where he was Managing Director. Stephen helped develop and position the brand as one of the UK’s leading speciality paint companies.
Prior to his time with Craig & Rose, Stephen’s background was as a food entrepreneur, building an organic food retail business.
Stephen brings a wealth of experience in retail, operations and finance.
He will be working closely with Executive Chairman Iain Campbell and Ronnie Wilson, Operations Director, to deliver exciting growth plans at the 145 year old firm.
Iain Campbell, Executive Chairman of George Campbell & Sons commented: “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen as Managing Director; he is a valuable addition to the George Campbell & Sons team. We are all looking forward to working closely with Stephen and drawing on his experience and expertise in driving George Campbell & Sons to its next stage of growth.”
Stephen Percy-Robb, Managing Director at George Campbell and Sons commented: “I am very excited about joining this 145 year old family firm with an outstanding heritage and reputation for both quality and customer service.”

Last Updated (Nov 10 2016)

Perthshire on a Plate

gus show photo perth show
George Campbell & Sons was delighted to be involved at the "Perthshire on a Plate" food festival at the Perth Show on the weekend. Gus & Gordon started of the demonstrations on Saturday with a filleting demonstration including Salmon, Turbot, Mackerel, Plaice, Octopus, Scallops & Oysters.

Last Updated (Aug 10 2016)

Billingsgate Fish Market

Billingsgate Charlie photo

billingsgate training school photo
Mrs Campbell had the opportunity to visit Billingsgate Fish Market very early one morning. The charming Charlie Caisey was on hand to give Mrs C a complete tour of the Market and Seafood Training School. Charlie has years of experience and stories about the Fish Business. I recommend fish lovers to visit Billingsgate or enrol on a training course. A really wonderful, informative, interesting and motivating visit.

Last Updated (Feb 19 2016)

Loch Lomond Golf Club - Dunbartonshire

loch lomond chef photo
George Campbell & Sons welcomed Darren Harrison, Head Chef, Loch Lomond Golf Club and some of his team to our Perth premises. We welcome Chefs in our Fish Hall to meet our Fishmongers who are delighted to demonstrate and share their knowlege with the younger, up and coming Chefs in training. Two of the younger Chefs had a turn on the block! It was pretty cold but we warmed them up with lunch served in our production kitchen.

Last Updated (Feb 19 2016)

Welcoming front of house team from Deseo - Gleneagles

deseo trip
George Campbell & Sons were delighted to welcome the front of house team from Deseo Restaurant, Gleneagles Hotel,Scotland.The group had a tour of the Fish Hall, met the fishmongers for an insight into the fish served in Deseo. The team had a filleting demonstration, fish identification, a tour of our Smoking kilns, production kitchen and retail shop. Mr Iain Campbell gave a brief talk on the 4th generation family business and the long relationshop with Gleneagles Hotel.

Last Updated (Feb 19 2016)

Front Page News!

mitch front cover
We were delighted to be highlighted in the "Perthshire Chamber of Commerce" Autumn 2015 Issue. In the Food & Drink section of the magazine you will find George Campbell & Sons featured and advice on what to look for in a good fishmonger.
Introducing Mitch Reid on the front cover holding a salmon in our Fish Hall in our Perth premises, which is appropriate as Mitch fillets about 90% of our Salmon, and that's a lot of Salmon!

Last Updated (Dec 17 2015)

Arrival of our Lobster Pod

lobster pod open
George Campbell & Sons have been watching as our Lobster Pod has been installed in our Fish Hall this week. Iain decided to install the Pod after researching the benefits for Shellfish and visiting the Fife based innovative business.
Briefly: The Lobster Pod creates optimum conditions for Lobster, Crabs and Langoustines, this is turn creates less stressed shellfish and increases the survival rate to over 99%.
For more information visit www.lobsterpod.co.uk

Last Updated (Dec 4 2015)

Visit Scotland - Taste our Best Award

taste our best
We are delighted to announce our new GCS Kitchen Product Range, has been awarded the "Taste our Best" Award from Visit Scotland.
"Taste our Best" is VisitScotland's certification scheme to recognise and celebrate businesses that provide and promote locally sourced quality food and drink."
Andy has been phenomenal in our new demonstration kitchen. In 2015 we started with 2/3 products, with the guidance of Colin Bussey we now have a 25 GCS Kitchen products to take home, "ready to eat, ready to heat".

Last Updated (Dec 3 2015)

We work closely with many of the leading chefs throughout Scotland. Our aim is to become your dedicated fishmonger of choice. To help you plan the seasonality of your menus, to give early advice on availability...

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